I’m still going down on the scale and feeling pretty good. I’ve had a couple of weird food dreams. Dreams where I eat something not on the diet and feel guilty. When I wake up, I have to ask myself, did it happen or was it a dream? In the dream, it’s an accident that I ate the wrong food and I spit it out but it’s still weird. LOL.

I was talking with my brother tonight, at his house, and we talked about our weight it being a generational stronghold and being obedient to God to break it. I’m not sure what I need to do differently but I feel better about eating this way and more at peace. I’ve come to the realization that I will never be able to eat the way I used to and want. I’m happy eating healthy but sometimes it’s way more convenient to pick up a pizza on the way home than make everything from scratch. :-)

I hope everyone has a safe and blessed New Year!

Day 4 of HCG diet

I’m doing well on the HCG drops. I’m not hungry and when I am a little bit satisfies me. I went to a party tonight with friends and didn’t have any trouble staying away from the food. I brought my own food and ate that instead. (They had butterfinger candy bar cake and gingerbread cookies with icing…yummy). I find, for myself, if I tell myself I can’t have the carbs because they will hurt me later, it helps. If I ever even taste it…all bets are off.

I have lost 10.5lbs of water weight and that helps a lot. I feel better. I have committed to a half marathon in April and have a walking buddy appt. for each Saturday till then.

I know this is what I have to do for me. I LOVE carbs and always have and I have always had a weight problem to go with that love. LOL! My favorite saying or one of them is…”Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” and it’s true. Last week I was eating everything I wanted but felt TERRIBLE…this week, I am back to eating healthier and less and already feel better. It doesn’t hurt to move now. With the excess water leaving my system my joints and body don’t ache as much.
Thanks for reading and have a BLESSED weekend.

Introduction to Me

I am addicted to carbs. Every time I try to bring carbs back into my life, I end up losing control and gaining back weight that I have worked very hard to lose. I have good luck with HCG drops from www.hcg1234.com. I have lost a total of almost 100 pounds. I find that when I reintroduce processed carbs, my will power goes out the window. I’m writing this blog to help me stay committed and keep me accountable.

I’m a forty-one year old single mom of two awesome kids. I have always battled with my weight. After my daughter was born I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which didn’t help with weight control, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc. the highest weight I know of is 270, the lowest I’ve been in the last year is 174.

In the last 5 months, I have ballooned up to 235 which is unacceptable. I feel bad here. I hurt. My clothes and rings don’t fit anymore and I get winded walking up stairs. I feel terrible and I’m so made at myself for getting back into this rut.

I have started my HCG drops again and will start the hard core dieting 12/26/13. I am also signing up for a half marathon in my city for April. I won’t be running it, but walking 13.1 miles is no walk in the park. Thanks for reading.